Lita (Life Is Torturing Awesome) is an anti-conceptual visual artist. Upon completion of professional art education, Lita headed her pervert power to digestion and rethinking of social frameworks. Mainly dissecting the mass culture by means of collage, she glamorously contemplates on global entertainment in order to turn distraction into mass awareness. One of her key practices is recycling of paper agents into bizarre multigender creatures and illustrations in order to catalyze the novelty, and reinforce non-commercial values. Besides the reinvention of conventional cadavers Lita is bothered by the unknown and charmed by the essence of flesh matter that causes inevitable fragility of being. Can't learn from happiness? Enjoy suffering! Developed her own semi-abstraction manner in painting and graphics, Lita splashes her unique perspective on vibrant distortion seasoned with twisted transformations and corporeal decorativeness! Unlock the potential, fight boredom and ordinary, dare to join the vulnerable flow! Warning! Only for alive!

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