Letícia Simões

Letícia Simões was born in Salvador, Brazil, 1988. Graduated in Social Communication at PUC-Rio and studied Cinema at the London Academy of TV and Media and Fine Arts at the University of London. In 2011, she published her first poetry book, “People from whom I stole sentences” by Editora 7 Letras. In the same year, she directed her first feature film, the documentary “Wide Sargasso Sea”, selected for the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, Sao Paolo Film Festival and Tiradentes Film Festival, among others. In 2013, she published her second poetry book, “from here, in 1976, I waved at you”, by Editora Patuá. Now she’s working as a scriptwriter in the movies, “Building Bridges”, directed by Heloísa Passos and “Master Cupijó and his Rhythm”, directed by Jorane Castro and selected by Petrobras Cultural Program 2012. It will premier in April, 2014. Nowadays, she is ending her second feature movie, where she is the director and scriptwriter. “Everything will be coloured as you wish” is centered on the universe of the writer and fine artist Rodrigo de Souza Leão. The project was contemplated by Rio de Janeiro Cultural Secretariat to low budget feature films. The documentary première at Rio de Janeiro's Int'l Film Festival in 2014.