Let me in - festival

Each year LET ME IN FESTIVAL picks one street of Berlin and transforms it into a performance tour during 3 evenings. The first street LetMeIn conquered was Weserstrasse in Berlin-Neukölln. For the second edition of LetMeIn Schillerpromenade in Berlin-Neukölln got chosen, edition three happened in Rosenstrasse in Berlin-Mitte and 2019 will happen in Simon-Dach-Straße, Friedrichshain.

12 shows take place in 4 non-conventional spaces such as houses, shops, galleries or parks. The mission of the festival is to bring people together in order to rediscover a street that they may know and change its perspective through an artistic and aesthetic experience. Using non-conventional spaces Let me in aims to give the audience a different approach to Arts.

The audience members are guided through the locations to enjoy a full-evening performance created by the combination of 4 short length pieces, discovering the chosen street from a new point of view and experiencing a very intimate and, in some cases, interactive performance.