LEIZE JENIUS is an international collective of artists working with various art media and practicing different forms of artistic expression. We are painters, poets, musicians, performance and multimedia artists. Currently, Leize Jenius artists work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brasília, Dubai, Geneva, Johannesburg, London, and Moscow. Despite our disperse location, or actually due to our physical separation, we learn to engage ourselves in distant art production. We use Internet technologies to combine our artistic aspirations in both physical and virtual realities.
We do not reject existing paradigms. We do not initiate a revolution. We want to change the priorities. We appreciate innovation in technology and actively employ it in our work. However, the meaning should prevail. In the best traditions of conceptual art, we emphasize the idea over the method.


Daniel Bragin(UK) Alexandr Brener(AUT) Chatschatur Kanajan(DE) Natalia Fentisova(DE) The Kazachenko brothers(NL) Anatoliy Kharkhurin(UAE) Lev Khesin(DE) Kanta Kimura(DE) Maarten Kools(NL) Philipp Kremer(DE) Anton Laiko(DE) Aditya Mandayam(IND) Sandim Mendes(NL) Pakhom(RU) Angelique Panday(NL) Heinz Prantner(AUT) Leonid Sokhranski (DE) Barbara Schurz(AUT) Amir Tirondaz (IR) Murray Turpin (ZA) Adriana Vignoli (BR) Jan Wattjes (NL) Igor Wolfson (DE) Roman Wolgin (NL) Igor Zeidel (DE)

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