Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne

Long live the new flesh takes as a subject the human body and its becoming in the post-democratic context to explore the new ethic and aesthetic possibilities in the age of the ubiquity of the image. Using the public space of the city of Buenos Aires as the platform and video as the medium, the project will develop through a series of events with a program of projections that will be the result from an international open call.

One of the original intentions of this project is to become a link between different visions and spaces of contemporary art. The idea of a formless project, without a specific core, breaks out of marginality to sketch the differences among the institutions/subjects involved.
With the assertion that the themes in play- the human body, the city and digital reality- are themes that involve all and everything.

This project comes out of an idea of horizontality in which the role of the artist, the curators, and the institutions are questioned and thought of as a metaphor for the macro relations between individuals and power, exploring the consequences of stepping out of the realm of strict formality to the one of ethical action in the virtual and real space.

The international open call allows the project to present a wider range of poetic discourses, and the public lectures offer specialized approaches to the subjects in hand.