Thomas Bäz

The variable match with the beats
Since summer 2004 the afcionado label Klangscheiben runs its business with dedication to the mini-funk with maximum effect.
First started as a rumpling place for groove chimera in the sound design of label owner demas, the artist grid expanded appreciably.
Since then much minimal water flowed down the valleys worldwide - the dams threaten to flood... But not the dams in the tranquil little city Steinach in Thuringia, because fnest selection with sophisticated electronic body-music instead of peak-time flooding is announced.
Without committing to a direction the label flanked between the styles of house and techno with a funky thrill and experimental note.
To offer also the opportunity to book carefully selected artists from the label, Klangscheiben is not just a label furthermore, but also a booking agency which is separated as Klangscheiben Booking.

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