Kevin Kwon

Kevin Kwon is currently a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting at Radford university and he will fulfill his degree requirements by May 2017.

His concentration in painting and collage in MFA, he explored various techniques in mixed media (e.g., painting, water color, and pastel), which have diversified his skill sets and thus enriched his art portfolio. In addition, his prior background in graphic design and additional interest in drawing broadened his understanding of the visual arts and complemented his potential for other type of medium.

As an individual with a diverse cultural background, his exposure to the different cultures (i.e. East and West) has impacted his current art work and will be a source for continuous innovations in the future as well. As a young artist, he is enthusiastic in exploring creative approaches and proactive exhibitions. His recent work, Guidance, which was selected in the National MFA Competition in New York in 2016, is an indication of these efforts on mixed media techniques (e.g., painting and collage) and a motivational factor for a continuous endeavor in the future.

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