Kateřina Cvachová

I am 27 I have a BA in English and Art, currently I am studying master program in English Language and Literature. I speak fluent English and intermediate French and have basic knowledge of German and Spanish and some basic knowledge of Japanese and Korean.
During my BA I took courses on painting and art history. During my master course I took courses on Graphic novel, History of Modern Photography or Olfactory Art. Outside university I attended workshop at ArtCamp Summer School or took online courses on Photography, Video Making and Editing or Journalism and Writing and other.
I often draw or paint and I take and edit photograph. Since I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos I am learning more about the use of such device and programmes such as Painter Essentials, Corel AfterShot or Clip Studio.
I am curious and I think I learn fast. Over the years working as a teacher I learned to deal with people and gained different social skills and skills that allow me to work in different situations with different people. I hope I can say that Iam not only fast learner but also creative, patient and thanks to all my hobbies I also pay attention to details.

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