Julia Nicole Daniel

I am currently in my second semester of college at Tulane University. I am studying fine arts and am minoring in Liberal Arts and Management. I have had a passion for art throughout my life, but also a desire to make art more accessible to more people. In my junior year of high school, I attended The Oxbow School, which is an art based semester program out in Napa, California. There I learned how to develop my own artistic style, as well as the ability to discuss art in a mature and informed way. I do not have much outside work experience, but believe the opportunities provided by Art Connect will provide be with the ability to grow and for the chance to put forth my creative outlook. I also have a strong interest in anthropology and traveling, which I think could be satisfied by the many countries in which the work opportunities take place. I am very eager to get some work and life experience in a stimulating and creative environment.

# adobe creative suitepainting (acrylics oils and watercolor)glassblowingcan speak mandarinconversational and social skillswell organized