Jorge Reis

I am a master in contemporary art creation by the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Currently, I am the EMERGE’s founder and curator, a non-profit cultural association (from 15th September 2016 until today). I am also the responsible for the EMERGE branding and design. At the same time, since 2008, I do works in design as a freelancer. I was responsible for designing the Portuguese Emerging Art 2017 (PEA2017) book amongst other national and international art and science publications. Recently I took part of a júri in the PEA2017 with Cláudia Camacho, Luísa Santos, Mário Caeiro, Rudolfo Quintas and Simeon Nelson.

In 2014 I was part of the team of YERMA, a physical theatre play by the João Garcia Miguel Theatre Company, from the texts of Federico García Lorca, awarded by the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) as the “Best Theatre Spectacle.” In 2008 I was distinguished with an honorable mention for creating a promotional video in the scope of the (experimentadesign) biennial in Lisbon.

As a curator, the center of interest focuses on the inventive and innovative ways of exhibiting through the unconventional provisions recurring to new technologies or the exhibition space approach. Currently, I am preparing my Ph.D. in this theme.