MARSFutures is a locus for showcasing artworks created at a point in the future when all technological barriers that may impede the realisation of a concept have been surpassed.

Any sufficiently advanced technology blurs the boundary between the scientific and the occult. MARSFutures exists here: at a time in the future when imagination is intrinsically linked to physical reality through technology.

We are currently searching for a location to host the first MARSFutures show.

The initial show will be an exhibition of ceramics and paintings by the resident artist James Beatham, portraying the artworks described by the artists featured in the show. These are:

Heather Reid
JG Ballard
James Beatham
Giorgio Bosisio
Andrew Hudson
Donna Harraway

# photoshopillustratorcinema4dsketchupindesign5 years work as an illustrator2 years work in a ceramics studio3 years work as an artist assistant