Independent and non profit collective based in Barcelona but with strong roots in Sardinia.
The aim is to bring together people from different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge, involving local communities, organizations, private persons, public institutions, for working together in a multi- and interdisciplinary environment, with a focus on culture, art, science, environment and innovation.

We work mainly with artists who have a social practice and work with sustainable materials or food, or have a strong interest in collaboration or research, The character of our art residency is transdisciplinary.
Our residencies, exhibitions, international projects and workshops PROGRAMS act as bridges connecting international and local artists with the members of the communities, who normally don’t have easy access to the conventional galleries and museums of large urban centres. Many small communities in Sardinia are semi-abandoned as youth migrate towards cities for education and work. The idea is to rejuvenating the smaller villages giving to the youth a possibility to stay or return. At the same time the international artists involved it the cultural exchange projects, will have the possibility to learn the language and to stay in contact with cultural traditions or even to work with artisans which still maintains ancient knowledge. We also have the focus to empower the locals communities giving them the possibility to re-evaluate their cultural identity.

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