Irina Spicaka

Irina Spicaka is a Berlin-based New Media Artist, Curator, User Experience and Interface Designer working in the field since 2005.

As an Artist Irina applies computer generated graphics and sound as main medium of her artistic expression, giving special attention to the conceptual aspects of it. She uses also interactive, generative approaches and projection mapping to creation of audiovisual content. In content creation she puts the focus on the outcome, which is the momentum of interaction between an artwork, the author and the audience. As a Curator she researches the ways in which art can be merged with design and technology. These practices focus on elaboration of interdisciplinary innovation.

She conducted research on the Electronic Audiovisual Performance Culture in Nordic-Baltic region in 2012 - 2013 within her Master Thesis. Since then Irina has been curating CC4AV (Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals) events which consist of workshops, audiovisual performances and exhibitions.

On daily basis Irina works as UX/UI Designer and Art Director for Art + Music + Technology + Education platforms, startups, digital media studios and advertising agencies.

She shares her knowledge through artist talks, workshops and courses.