A-DASH Project Space, Athens

A – DASH is an artist-led initiative in Athens, Greece, combining studios and a project space, with an emphasis on experimentation, collaboration and inter-disciplinary exchange.

A – DASH wants to encourage experimental, investigative and innovative approaches related to a spectrum of artistic fields: visual art – moving image – music – design – architecture.

A-DASH is a non-profit artist initiative run collaboratively, with a strong focus on the crossing of borders between: Geographical locations / Cultural identities / Political economies / Craft – new technologies / Creative disciplines.

We reflect on the sociological issues of our time through a diverse program of exhibitions – film screenings – lectures – workshops – symposiums – talks – other events.

We propose to initiate a flexible environment that dismantles the borders between sites: the studios, exhibition / project spaces and communal space are synonymous with one another; each in turn inform the next, placing emphasis on interchanging dialogues that exist between them.

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