Heather Schmaedeke

I am a light chaser compelled by the narrative. I love the way the light carves and sculpts – transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. For me, taking photos is like going on a treasure hunt.

Artist Statement
The transformation of a place from concrete to ephemeral, the elements that elevate a scene from everyday to extraordinary; are the images that fill this portfolio. The photographs are pieces of a story, not the whole story, but the fragments from which that story is built and grows.

It is my story, your story, our collective story. The stories inform our lives, how we see each other, how we see ourselves and make sense of the world around us. Daily, we write the story of our city, our country and our world.

The combination of movement and stillness, a dynamic image that picks up in the middle of a scene. Transience and permanence, fleeting moments; here they are lent a sense of the permanent, while the environment has some of it’s permanence shaken loose. The world around us is not as permanent as it seems and we too, are not as ephemeral.

The seemingly contradictory opposites of concrete and ephemeral, kinetic and static, transient and permanent are not inviolable but permeable and fluid.

The story is us and it is larger than us.

I seek out the unexpected makes for the most interesting compositions. I photograph whatever moves me; abstractions, abandoned buildings, landscapes, people, events.

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