Anatoliy Kharkhurin (Tovy Harhur)

I consider myself both an artist and a scientist. I cannot disentangle these two endeavors and I believe that my artistic and scientific works complement and inspire each other. I am a published poet and researcher in psychology of creativity. I constantly look for new means of creative expression. In search for these methods, I shifted the focus of my work from traditional poetics to alternative utilization of poetic text. I actively participate in the projects combining poetic text with various art media.


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Instagram Screen Memories by Veronica Los Santos. "Sigmund Freud called “screen memories“ a particular kind of childhood memories. He distinguished between apparently indifferent and circumstantial childhood memories, and those which he identified as striking, important and emotionally relevant. In this process, the latter are veiled by those less significant memories, and according to Freud, this effect can be attributed to a resistance in the conscious reproduction of memories. This can lead to mistakes and falsification of those recalls." #photography #berlin #art @veronica_losantos any more works to upload? We'd love to discover your art better on!