As his attending physician, I denounce the disappearance of the patient G*ll***** G*rl****, who was a patient in our clinic since his early age. GllGrl suffered of auditory and visual hallucinations, characterized by coprolalia and obscene content. Exclusively for a therapeutic purpose (I repeat, exclusively for a therapeutic purpose) it had been judged useful to convince the patient that the voices he heard were part of narrations to be written, and his hallucinatory visions were footage to be edited. This therapy was giving good results, till the patient's escape.
To date, we don't know where GllGrl is, even if some of the tacky stories created by his unstable mind during the therapy came to life and materialized inexplicably in different places and moments.
These apparitions have been already reported in different areas between Italy, France and Germany.
Inexplicably, some of these "stories" (honestly of a poor taste) looks like obtaining favor and appreciation by writing competitions and festivals (which qualifies the quality of these manifestations).
Therefore, if anybody encounters an agitated guy telling one of the "stories" shown below, we highly recommend to contact us for his good and not to contradict him for your own good.
As you can see in the attached photos (the only we have representing GllGrl), the patient is low, with sticking out ears and tends to get upset very easily.