Gemma Land

Based in Backlit Studios in Nottingham, UK and would like to connect with other artists, space and companies in Berlin.

Gemma Land is a Photographic and Print Artist, graduated from the MA Photography course at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Working with a contemporary art practice and also with a surface/ fashion design practice.

Her 'Print Works' combine the processes of contemporary analogue photography and carefully constructed prints. The process she uses is unique, the collections start with the photographs she shoots and are then constructed into the print designs. Each collection is based on a concept and created with the upmost care, using the finest printing and hand finished with the couture technique of hand rolling.

She creates fractals from architecture and landscapes to create impossible structures and hallucinogenic patterns. Her aesthetic lies between the romantic and the gothic, creating beautiful and yet often somewhat unsettling imagery.

Her ‘Photographic works’ consider the semiotics behind the design of residential architecture and buildings in London that are in transition either awaiting demolition or development

# print designcontemporary photographyblack and white photographyanalog photography