Galerie Wedding - Raum für zeitgenössische kunst

The „Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst“ is an urban gallery owned by the district Berlin Mitte that is specialised in contemporary art.

"As an art institution that acts in critical correspondence to the local influences of demographic flows, xenophobia, acceleration of life and work experience, disembodiment of relations, neoliberal self-exploitation, and a split Europe, Galerie Wedding -Raum für Zeitgenössiche Kunst will engage in a counter program to these life-compromising conditions with the new overarching curatorial concept of Soft Solidarity (SoS) in 2019/20."

The concept SOS conceived by curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen and Nataša Ilić creates a framework for Galerie Weddings activities centered around four interconnected solo exhibitions in 2020 by Konstanze Schmitt, Marina Naprishkuna, Ana Alenso and Eli Cortinas as well as an exhibition by artist Julian Irlinger, curated by Jan Tappe.
SoS will explore the deep crises of solidarity or rather the need to reinvent new forms of solidarity, solidarity also amongst people who are not alike, beyond the existing segments and groups of like-minded people that already exist.