Fringe Arts Bath

The only annual art festival in Bath.

"Have an idea for an exhibition, a performance, intervention or event?
FaB is offering aspiring Curators the opportunity to devise a show as part of FaB Festival, 24 May - 9 June 2019.
We invite fresh & challenging concepts: FaB is a test-bed for the new, wonderful, sometimes odd. We encourage you to think outside the box! Shows can include: performance, intervention, installation, multi-media, video work, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture & all in between. Anyone can apply, any level of experience: students, graduates, artists, local, national, international.
Gain experience in this competitive field, realise your own exhibition or event, make new contacts & network. There will be a Curator's meeting in November, after which your show will be advertised in FaB's call to artists.
FaB offers admin support, practical advice, regular meetings, mentoring from past curators & exhibition space."

# offering opportunities to aspiring curators and international artists