Ali Öner


1999: Fractali images on the web.
2002: Fractali takes place on Digital Art page of Nescafe live website as one of the 9 worldwide famous digital artists.
2003: Fractali winner of FAME-Fractal Art Museum Enterprise
2004: Mexico Chapingo University has referred Fractali to represent Fractal Art
2005: Fractali exhibited 30 art pieces on Orion Mall
2009: Fractali on art periodicals
2010: Fractali on Lebriz art portal
2010: Chianciano Art Museum (Italy)
2011: Florence Biennale
2012: Empathy-Group Exhibition on İstanbul Kiplas Art Gallery
2013: Izmir Bieanial
2015: Solo Exhibition " Engram of the Colors" and "Beats" in İstanbul

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