Fari Sol

My name is Farida Soliman, a Photographer based in Berlin. I also study Photography as it gives me all necessary insights about my field and expands my knowledge in all aspects of it, whether it's Fashion, Documentary, Staged or Analog Photography. I focus on Documentary and Portrait Photography but also do commercial Photography when asked.
I work quite well with people, as I am interested in documenting them, which gives me more flexibility and freedom to get the outcomes I want in my pictures.

Photography has always been my life's calling and once I was able to grab it, I managed to do quite well for myself. Starting next year I will start giving Photography classes, which is something that will benefit me a lot in terms of getting along with people and teaching them something I know will bring them joy once they are able to master it. At the end, art is meant to be shared.
So, let's see if we can work together and share it.

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