Element.a Project

Element.a Project is a non-profit association that proposes to artists of all disciplines to work together for six weeks to create a collective work.

Through this process, we seek to highlight the link between artists, to understand their influences, and to find what unites them in creation. We wish to open up the dialogue to all forms of artistic expressions and to highlight their complicity and their osmosis.

Influenced by the experiences of John Cage and Rauschenberg who unveiled the possible bridges between the arts, we open ourselves to transversality.

Animated by this desire to go beyond borders, each project will be in a new territory adding a unique instant to this moment of creation. Thus we go beyond the existing division of art, to give shape to "something else" beyond these disciplines.

Element.a Project is supported by The Fondation Clément and the Institut Français.

Chrystèle Moulun Casanova,
Art Director and Founder.