Blaues Glück

Blue bliss Berlin / Kirsten Heuschen
Blueprint, also known as cyanotype, is a historical photo technique which creates beautiful cyan-colored prints. It is easy to do and absolutely flexible, making it ideal for all kind of experiments. All the prints created are unique and have soul. They are lasting memories of the moment when the blue appeared on the paper.

I'm motivated by my curiosity and a fascination for experimentation – experimentation with cyanotype and its many artistic possibilities, but also with different ways of enabling people to enjoy its creativity for themselves. In order to do so, I have developed course formats for every occasion. I have explored blueprint with school and preschool classes and with adults in workshops as an artist-in-residence abroad. I have held special blueprint events at festivals and birthdays. A special highlight was a New Year's Eve party at which all guests had the opportunity to get creative – a perfect way of parting with the old year and welcoming in the new.

Book „blaues Glück“ for your next big party or event. A special event needs a memorable highlight. Give yourself and your guests the gift of a new experience – a creative event with blueprint. Be amazed by this fascinating photo technique and create your own pieces of art in a fast and playful way. These art works will be an unforgettable memory of your event. Request an individual offer now and experience the bliss of blueprints.

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