Kiki jaguaribe


My profile can be found on rhizome
I've started as a teenager using an amiga with a cientific calculator to generate images. 
I work with photography manipulated on apps for cell phone and collages and drawings nowadays. Sometimes I use glitches. You can see my work at my personal page on Facebook Kiki jaguaribe at albums carregamentos, retratos, A4 and esopo. 
I participated to piksel ars festival with sea.sound project, an intermedia multimedia poetry blog where I collected voices of people all around the world saying "there is a sea inside me" that is described on my other profile here with the email sea.sound at gmail. I've also participated at pecha kucha night at itau cultural são paulo with a work about ferris weels. 
At the age of 23 I was a programmer and I've known Johnas Mekas and he introduced me to art verité and i decided to became an artist....
I have studied architecture

# digital artist photographer artist poet