Cosimo Bellanova

Perception, memory and emotion are topics that belong to the research on which I am currently working, like the “COR” Multiform Hearts are an abstract fluorescent resin and mixed media painting series. The painting method is characterized by a slow process of vision and fluid colors mutations which last for 36 hours. The movement and the overlays colors involve continuous exploration, analysis and research of the space, light and depth. It examines the Heart understood not as an organ or a symbol of love, but as the seat of life, of memory, reason and emotion, or will and intellect.
Over the course of six years of living in Berlin, I have devoted my attention to portrait photography and nocturnal landscapes. The series of photographic portraits called "New Fable" 2014 is a project that totally upsets the stories and characters of Greek mythology, rewritten in a lightly ironic and contemporary key in a sometimes theatrical scenario.
In the installation "So Many Times," designed for Container Art Rome. An almost melancholic scene inside a container, where three people dined during the preview exhibition. After the dinner I glued and stuck down everything that was left on the table. One had the apparent sensation that everything had stopped, the television continuously changed channel and the remains of the food on the table started a process of decomposition lasting 25 days, meaning that I wanted to depict a slow process of change for those entering the container.

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