Constance van Berckel

My interest lies on the intersection of fine art & digital technology, as I think tech innovations provide the opportunity to open up the art world and market to a wider audience. I think it's important to involve and include new and young audiences into the art scene, to keep the art market dynamic and alive. It's easy to stick by what is known and go by the same rules, etiquette and ways of the art world, but I think that we're currently experiencing an exciting shift, where the younger generation is open to change, inclusion, digitalization and democratization of the art world. Greater visibility and accessibility to art world players (galleries, fairs, artists) is so important to extend the small, existing circle of 'art insiders', and in my opinion the internet and social media are ideal channels to achieve this. It's my goal to use these channels to its full capacity, in order to extend beyond the traditional art audience, reach and educate a younger audience of potential art lovers, and create a new generation of art collectors that can support artists, and sustain the art market on the long term.

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