Conor Fry

A highly enthusiastic individual who thrives under pressure and is consistently able to deliver a professional, courteous and polite customer experience. Has experience working as part of a team, is capable speaking basic German, and also has the ability to act calmly yet decisively under pressure.

Recently, I completed my BA Visual Culture course at Brighton University. The only course of it’s kind in the UK, Visual Culture focused on an art-historical timeframe beginning in 1750, which moved chronologically toward the present day. This was particularly important to me when choosing my academic career because in an image-led and image-conscious society, we are expected to decipher visual cues in order to sell, celebrate and represent. Studying BA Visual Culture has therefore allowed me to examine these interesting forms of visual communication (and their history) in order to understand the complex and ever-evolving society in which we live. By combining art, culture and media history, the broad and often blurred spectrum of visual creativity which permeates contemporary life has been rigorously explored. This included everything from the history and theory of painting and sculpture to print, photography, film, advertising and fashion. It is thanks to this multifaceted aspect of the degree that my keen interest in art and design has remained resolute.

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