Colonia Nova is a creative studio house with 16 daylight studios, excessive loft and sunny roof terrace in Berlin-Neukölln. We offer three floors of beautiful daylight studios ranging from 25 to 120 sqm, kitchens, luxurious loft, co-working and meeting spaces and a huge roof terrace.

We offer a premium 500 sqm loft for various purposes.

Our classy loft provides all You need to make your event a mayor success. The loft comes with a lavish 30 sqm kitchen/bar area created with finest materials such as copper, tiles and massive oakwood and is tastfully illuminated by handmade oak lamps. The floor consists of a freshly cast high quality screed, the light system is 80 meters of ERCO rails with up to 60 dimable lights for various athmospheres and a nice surround soundsystem. Excessive windows mainly facing south guarantee bright daylight throughout the day. Designersofas, palmtrees and handmade wooden lamps provide the room with a luxurious finish.

Two side-rooms for meetings, make-up and backoffice, an excessive roofterrace of 500 sqm and your own penthouse-style elevator provide premium functionality on the top of Berlin. Perfect location for showroom, film & photo shoot, exclusive event, exhibition, fashion show, performance, gallery space - You name it!

360° Panorama - Tour:

Teaser Loft & Terrace:

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