Collettivo Superazione

Collettivo Superazione started with the intent of organizing a small Performing Arts Festival in 2016 on the topic of / which took place on 24/25/26 June 2016 at Fornace Pasquinucci, Piazza Raffaello Dori – Capraia Fiorentina – (Florence)
It then became a cultural association operating on a non-profit basis, founded by six people with different artistic trainings and fields of knowledge, who have been working for years promoting progress in terms of culture and human conditions. The goal of the association is promoting culture in all its forms as a constructive act of emancipation and personal and social liberation. All the founders share the idea that contemporary art should overcome the obsolete technical and critical parameters that reduce it to a pastime and to pure market and regain the cognitive, critical and political values that it deserves.
The association aims at realizing and enhancing initiatives and services in support of culture, arts in general and performing arts in particular, all over the national territory.

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