Cagla Akpinar

I am a multidisciplinary artist from Turkey, currently based in Bahrain. I mostly focus on mural painting/painting and drawing. I’ve been involved in different branches of art such as installation, sculpture, ceramics, mosaic, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, video art, jazz dance, and performance art. I have vast freedom to choose my medium or discipline to produce and create, however, I’d like to paint and draw with mix media techniques to explore more and question the cause, effect and process relations. Figure and portrait drawing are my favorites!
I am graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture - Department of Fine Arts where I got accepted with full-scholarship. Since my college years, I do portraits and attempt to illustrate the aesthetic and naïve nature of male and female bodies, which are infused with a feminine soul but also are trying to endure under the pressure of the societal norms.

I have been in Berlin and Spain to explore the art world in different culture and atmosphere.
Now, in Bahrain, I am doing mural painting and giving art workshops. Also, I am collaborating with a non-profit organization named "Kız Başına" to support women and defend women's rights in Turkey. What I aim with my art is to reach the masses, create a voice with my art to break the prejudices, fight with ignorance, and empower the girls and to be an inspiration source to young and wild spirits who dedicate themselves to art.

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