Cagla Akpinar

Çağla Akpınar was born in 1994 in Ankara in Turkey and she is a multidisciplinary artist. Her interest in painting which began when she painted the walls of her home when she was only two years old has been the greatest passion to decide her career. After graduating from high school, she held a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Ihsan Doğramacı Bilkent University. During the undergraduate education, she also learned sculpture, ceramics, installation, printmaking; graphic design, illustration, and typography traditionally and digitally. In the progress of her own style and art, she expresses herself in painting, which is the main source of her interest, by bringing various mediums together. Çağla creates her paintings with mixed mediums like bringing acrylics, charcoal and markers together and she makes them on canvas, acrylic paper or wall. Also, she works on sculptures using paper mache technique, clay and plaster. The main subject of her artworks is what she experiences in her current life and the conflicts that affect her inner world. Accordingly, the general topic of her art is gender concepts. She focuses on these subjects critically or she approaches them in regards to aesthetical perception. She uses continuously the transition of colour and light; therefore, her artworks are mostly dynamic and vibrant. Using the collage technique on her paintings, she draws portraits and human bodies by combining them with some symbols which have their own meanings.

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