c_project is an art curatorial project inaugurated by two young artist/curator, Lisa Stefani from Italy(Bologna) and Sunmi Yong from S.korea(Seoul). We founded this project in order to present ourselves in Berlin art scene as an independent curator duo and to cooperate with international artists we met here in Berlin.

After finishing our studies on contemporary art history and having careers in art scenes of Bologna and Seoul, each of us has decided to come to Berlin hoping to get more opportunities in art career and meet more people with same interest. Since the summer of 2013, we both have worked in some art galleries and participated in art projects in Berlin. However due to the high competition, it seemed somewhat difficult to fulfill our hopes on what we first aimed for upon the arrival.

Sharing many things in common, especially passion and affection for art, we have found each other as great partners and finally decided to start our own project, called c.project. Simply, our main objective is to gather artists in Berlin with whom we can motivate ourselves with each other and to make an exhibition in a venue which would be flexibly changeable as our project goes further.

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