Bvisual Art

BVISUAL ART is a company that takes care of all that is 'visual', coordinated, of course, by a wide musical experience, the soul of the project.

Was founded in 2015 by Lorenzo Smorti, the current manager. Nowadays we are surrounded by advertising, leaflets, videos and anything else that exists in communication. Our era claims an high preparation to all of this. We were born alongside the technology. But the technology has a soul, deeper than you can imagine.

'Being Visual' is a way of 'Being Soul'. We propose, therefore, to heal and give life to your ideas and projects with the high quality presentation that those need. We move the soul that lives in your concept to the target concerned, using all forms of media present nowadays, with the maximum capacity of interpretation and creative execution.

# art directiongraphic designweb designvideo editingmusic productionvectors illustration