Anna Niestroj

Pro Bureau Blinkblink is an
experimental creative studio
in Berlin's Wedding district.
Here, we conceive and produce.

# creationnew mediaresearchtrendresearchblogginggraphic design // corporate + brand design // editorial + book design // web + interface design and development // motion design // illustration // typography



Instagram Don't miss the inspiring meeting between @berlinartlink and artists Pierwoss & Siska. Link in bio! "In ‘Toyota to Benz’ (2011), Pierwoss, with the help of Siska, converted a beaten up Toyota Corona into a Mercedes Benz. Not only a weird but also impossible task anywhere else, in Lebanon such a challenge was met with exuberant optimism from the mechanic to whom Pierwoss proposed her idea: “of course we can do that!.”" #berlin #art #collaboration #spotlight