Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée

BJCEM, Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, is an international network founded in Sarajevo on July 2001, with a registered office in Brussels and an executive one in Turin. The Association has been created with the aim to give an institutional frame and an organised management to the Biennale event, held for the first time in Barcelona in 1985.

Nowadays, the Network is composed by 56 members from 20 countries, gathering together cultural institutions as well as independent organizations. BJCEM has established collaborations with partners all over Europe, Middle East, Africa and more widely with organizations and projects focused on the Mediterranean Diaspora. Our network is present in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Republic of San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and UK. We cooperate with external partners in Austria, Israel and Kosovo with a special attention also toward Morocco and Algeria.

The aim of the Association is to create opportunities for the young creators of training, mobility, exchange, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and collaboration. The Association supports their creativity processes and put them in contact with local and international realities in order to help them to grow personally and professionally.

# opportunities for the young creators of trainingmobilityexchangemutual understandingintercultural dialogue and collaboration.