Ben Seng

I lived and studied in rural Ohio until I was 20 years old. In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles California to pursue a more diversely cultured life. I moved to Berlin in 2017 to further develop my art. While living in Los Angeles I discovered a passion for architectural design, specifically acoustic design. My philosophy for acoustic design centered around blending an elegant design with ideal acoustic properties. I designed and constructed many small and medium size recording studios over a 4 year span in Los Angeles. However I became bored by the smooth surfaces, elegant curves and sharp angles that modern architectural design is built upon. I left the "smooth" design field to pursue my true underlying passion, visual art. The visual arts, painting specifically gave me medium to express my creative freedom in the way Ive always wanted to. I should mention that no matter what path I took in my life that I always found myself painting and secretly craving a career as a painter. I spent 1 year painting every day, often working until early in the morning. I was searching for my voice as an artist but never dared to exhibit anything I made. I began to notice that my best work came when I was engaged and performing intuitively with my work, becoming totally engrossed in the painting. I related this process to the broad spectrum of nature, the random chaos and aesthetic perfection of large landscapes. My voice was coming from natures perfect chaos

# fine art painterfabrication