Bego M Santiago

My name is Bego M. Santiago.
I was born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on the 18th of February , 1980.
After living in Valencia and Prague for several years, I moved to Berlin where I'm currently living.

I am visual artist
I do installation, VideoArt, LiveCinema, books, photos, art direction and some interactive stuffs.

My work study the feedback between reality and representation.
Understanding the "real" as individual and collective construction.
I am interested in the binding sites between binomials as:
real - fake, presence - absence, original and copy. Looking for those interstice that exist between them. Understanding interstice as a small space between two bodies. A meeting point between opposites. A moment where the terms are confused, and for a time both become brittle, light, weightless.

# video artinstallationinteractive installationsvideo