I am Barbara, a young French painter and architect graduated in 2013 from the ENSAB – National Architecture School from Brittany. I am settled in Berlin and work in Berlin since four years. I have been driven to architecture thanks to my practice of painting and my passion for art.My paintings find their origins in other
images. Those images are from various background, from internet, other painters, from memories… The world seems to have been fully and completely documented and filmed, so why does painting remain?
Painting echoes in me because of its physical and impulsive aspect. I try to re-interpret this flood of images in a soft and palpable matter. My theme is the mutation of images, their interpretation anddigestion. I create images that will flow slowly and tells stories.
Thanks to painting, I am seizing another world.Images also questions memory. Some memories that can be shared by different people, even though the moment it refers to were shared by one person only, or a couple. In which moment can we consider our souvenirs, our own and unique, rather than an heritage being reproduced by a community? I have a strong interest in the human body and the temporality. I focus on instantaneity, the balance in a given moment between body and space, through the materiality of the empty.If things exists thanks to the presence of other, I am interested in the“in-between”, in the tension between elements. And in particular,between men and space.

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