I am a daring and versatile talent fully immersed in creative writing, dance, acting, stand-up comedy and directing. My journey in the arts began at the National Theatre of Ghana in 1995. Having discovered my firm position in the performing arts in 1998, I featured in theatrical productions, corporate and volunteer events across the nation and in abroad; at the National Council for Arts and Culture (Abuja, Nigeria) with support from Mr. Muhammad Sulaiman and Margaret John.

My dedication to the creative arts has extensively linked me to celebrities and experienced personalities like James Gibbs (Veteran Dramatist and Author, London), Zoey Martinson (Acting Coach and Arts Activist, USA), Harrison Nesbit (Casting Director of the award-winning movie: BEAST OF NO NATION), Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), and many others.

My passion is solely dedicated to creating works that inspire dreams, provoke ingenuity and unity in diversity, break conventions and above all, to mentor and showcase a factory of avant-gardists.

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