Ash Witham

I'M BASED IN: Berlin & Los Angeles

I AM A: Multidisciplinary Artist & Graphic Designer

I MAKE: dynamic installations & photography incorporating movement while utilizing found materials/sites

"Raised in a small town on the east coast of the United States, Ash now primarily works out of Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany. While at the University of California Los Angeles, Ash studied painting and drawing abroad in the French Riviera and Paris. In 2014, she graduated with honors from UCLA with a BA in Art and a minor in Art Education. During her studies she produced work across a range of mediums, favoring abstract painting, mixed-media assemblage, movement photography, and multimedia installations and performances. Her shared process approaches throughout these mediums are the utilization of found materials, the element of chance, and the temporality of movement.

Ash has performed and exhibited installations, photography, and sculptures in Los Angeles and attended the AADK Artist Residency in Spain. Inspired by participation in various movement intensives over the years in the US, Europe, India, and Mexico, Ash’s work has taken on a more bodily approach. Continuing to educate herself in topics like world cultures, interpersonal communication, positive psychology, and dance, she is dedicated to research and work that embodies themes such as vulnerability, empathy, healing, identity, human connection, and authentic expression."