artburst berlin

We are a young art and culture club, which promotes artists on a non-profit basis and connects art with Berlin’s urban life. As a team of young art historians we independently organize exhibitions and cultural events - far from the commercial art market, but close to the audience.

We are focusing on current topics which concern and stir up people in the big city. It is our aim to offer an alternative platform for artistic positions. Within we include a broad spectrum of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, video art, as well as performance, music, dance and literature.

artburst berlin is not tied to any organisation. This gives us the chance to build free spaces, together with artists and different creative spaces, to capture the urban zeitgeist.

Every one of our events has its unique character which develops through the different thematics and locations. Like “art-nomads” we are adapting to new spaces and integrate their stories and people in our work.

Besides the promotion of artists, our other main task is to provide access to art for a broader audience. In doing so we distance ourselves from a common image of the art world, which is often seen as elitist and unapproachable. We want to dismantle fears of contact between the audience and contemporary art. Instead we’d like people to have fun experiencing it and encourage an exchange of ideas between artists, curators and visitors.