Art quarter budapest (aqb)

Art Quarter Budapest’s (AQB) Artist-in-Residence program hosts international artists from a variety of disciplines to develop their unique project within an interdisciplinary environment. These disciplines include visual arts, performing arts, film, music, literature, illustration and design, art theory and art management.

We welcome residency applications, as individuals or groups, on an ongoing basis, with no restriction concerning citizenship, race, gender, or age. Incoming residents have the option to spend 1 to 6 months at AQB, depending on the timeline of their proposed project. The program fee includes a spacious, fully furnished room located on AQB premises, as well as a brightly lit studio space catering to the project’s requirements.

In addition AQB’s Artist-in-Residency program offers various opportunities to integrate residents into the thriving Budapest art scene and assists in establishing professional connections that supports their work and career development. Opportunities for collaboration and partnership among various disciplines, backgrounds and interests are highly encouraged.

Currently accepting applications for our artist-in-residency program.