Anne Wölk

Anne Wölk is a painter best known for light-flooded romantic starscapes accompanied by birch trees. Her fantastic multilayered narrations are like cinematic sceneries and refer to science fiction movies and novels. Wölk’s subject matter speaks of the imagery of futuristic science and technology, which we have only become familiar with from the advances of satellites, cameras, and moreover, in cinematography and computer-generated-images. The artist paints a fantastical interpretation of nature, in which the simultaneity of Romanticism and Utopia becomes perceptible.
Nightscapes captured with magical light shining on the horizon appear as seemingly deserted nature, but colorful LED tubes, with bizarre rainbow visual effects, are a hint of human presence. The LED tubes were placed by hotels in the nocturnal landscape, to impress tourists in the ski resort of mountains. Anne Wölk redefines the genre of landscape painting by addressing the subject matter of light pollution and show us an uneasy conflict between artificial and natural light.
A situation where one light shines over the other makes us feel uncomfortable. Wölk’s paintings make us aware of how sensitive we are to artificial light and how light can change our body and brain in unexpected ways.

# visual artistart educator and teacher at jugendkunstschule pankow