anna nesterova

I am a visual artist with a background in traditional media and graphic design. I worked as a commercial graphic designer for a number of years, while producing various creative outlets of my own - from footwear design to conceptual product creation to T-shirt prints. I eventually gravitated towards the medium of 3D computer visualization with the idea that it will facilitate my inclination to apply my artistic skills to the fields related to science, as well as give me a better tool to visualize my own ideas. I learned 3D software and became involved with the space development community, creating 3D visualizations of new proposed space technology. I have worked with such entities as KECK Institute for Space Studies and The National Space Society, as well as several individual enthusiasts. Alongside this, I try to stay in touch with traditional media, and periodically produce watercolor paintings and drawings. I am a keen observer of modern art, design and technology, with a particular love for architecture, futurism, trans-humanism, robotics and abstract art. In the future, I'd like to progress to such creative fields as data visualization, coding applied to animation, as well master the techniques of abstract painting.