Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Half-British/ half-Norwegian professional dance artist, dance educator, award-winning choreographer, movement director and artist coach currently based in Berlin and London. Artistic Director and Choreographer of Anna-Lise Marie Dance, with a vast experience of creating work for stage, film and camera, non-traditional performance spaces, site-specific, outdoor work and immersive, experiential and bespoke experiences.

I have choreographed and produced many collaborative projects and commissions; commercially and artistically. My dance film work has been recognised across many festivals internationally, receiving awards from the Croydon International Film Festival, ScreenMotion Festival, winning the Southbank Poetry Film Competition in 2014 and screened at Sadler's Wells Theatre in 2016. I was shortlisted for the Inspiring Emerging Choreographer Award with Dance London.

My work is deeply rooted in collaboration and working with others, those within the creative industries and in other sectors. I am passionate about infusing creativity, individuality and expression in my work and creating a supportive, inclusive and inspiring environment. I have an open curiosity to the creative process and a deep fascination with the exploration of the body as a tool for communication and artistic expression.