Andy James

I'm new to Berlin and from Canada originally.
Most of my professional experience is in computer graphics for video games and film VFX. I'm open to working with new people or studios doing cutting edge work as well as the interesting creativity of commercial productions.
In Berlin, we have a city full of artists, potential connections and collaborators. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your protects.

# photoshopphotographysculpturedrawingdesignillustrationcinematographyvisual effectsphoto retouching3ds maxmayafilm makingcomputer animationvfxsfxspecial effectscg modelingtexture paintingarchitectural renderingorganic/soft body character modelinghard surface modelingphoto repairphoto restorationclay sculpturepotteryminiature constructionarmature creationconcept designweb graphicsmudboxdp