Andrew Steingold

My working methods begin without a specific aesthetic end point. Experimentation is important. Never discarding the unsuccessful elements, but continually exploring the materials and progressing forward.

Predetermined outcomes are largely avoided. Space is given for new kind of work to develop. Achieving an end point through traditional processes is not of importance. It is more of a question of how I can manipulate traditional means to produce something atypical. Direct or ambiguous, minimal or traditional, profound or superficial – in the end what interests me more is process and pragmatism.

I work within painting, printmaking and sculpture, and use photography to capture emerging ideas. The question of ‘view’ opens up the working possibilities and shapes the viewer’s response. A deep interest in philosophy (especially Eastern), literature and music has led to a thoughtful approach, often creating an inner dialectic, mirroring the balance or imbalance within the resulting image.

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