Andrei Pogorilowski

I was born in Bucharest, Romania, in February 1968. • Starting with 1982, I studied music independently, helped by several private professors. • In 1989 I started to hear in my head a strange yet beautiful music that I was unable to notate. Short excerpts were presented on the piano to my musician friends who confirmed that the temporal fabric of that music could not be rendered satisfactorily with help from the traditional, bar-rhythmical, semiography. • Between that point and 1994, I tried to formulate a theory and a notation for that music, the first result being my first published book – “Energies of musical time - essential studies of pulsatory functionalism”. • In the late ‘90s, I discovered cognitive musicology and started to merge my own discoveries with the bulk of scientific contributions from this interdisciplinary domain. After abandoning several approaches, the final result was my last book “The music of the Temporalists”, available now on Amazon Kindle. • I am currently living in my hometown, Bucharest, along with my wife Simona and my daughter Ina.

# musical time theorywriting