Andreea Vladut

I was born in Slatina, a small town in the Southern part of Romania, I moved to Bucharest in 2013 for my studies, where I graduated graphic-arts at the University of Fine-Arts Bucharest. During this time, with the help of The Erasmus scholarship I studied at the University of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland, the place where, impressed by sound art and how I could relate it with space, I started experimenting with it. After this all of my artistic works, including my diploma project Seconds in Value, were related with this field.
In October 2016, through the Erasmus programme, I managed to obtain an internship as an assistant laborant at the Studio of Spatial Activity, at the University of Fine-Arts Poznan where I continued my works in the field of sound art and spatial activity.

# sound-artgraphic-designvideoart in situ