Amrei Andrasch - Keen On Mars

She is keen to combine different materials to translate 2D graphics into 3D visual appetizers in any material and any size. Playing with abstract shapes in changing perspectives the design can be applied on your wall or window, turned into a multimedia branding for your event or into an installation at your next venue.

# illustratorphotoshopafter effectsindesignpremierefinal cuthandsheadheartother peoplecamerascomputerssewing machinedragon stop motionpepakura



Instagram Don't miss the inspiring meeting between @berlinartlink and artists Pierwoss & Siska. Link in bio! "In ‘Toyota to Benz’ (2011), Pierwoss, with the help of Siska, converted a beaten up Toyota Corona into a Mercedes Benz. Not only a weird but also impossible task anywhere else, in Lebanon such a challenge was met with exuberant optimism from the mechanic to whom Pierwoss proposed her idea: “of course we can do that!.”" #berlin #art #collaboration #spotlight